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Solaristique Nigeria is a recycling Company that is focused on making sustainable clean energy and environment-friendly solutions targeted at BoP households, clinics, and farmers in rural and peri-urban communities to SMEs , Hospitals, Big corporations and Households in urban areas. We aim to make the greatest possible global impact in addressing the environmental issues associated wastes. Our Core sectors are WASTE COLLECTION, COLD STORAGE, and ALTERNATIVE BUILDING MATERIALS.



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Waste collection

Solaristique Nigeria Ltd Recycling seeks to innovatively address waste pollution in the West Africa region through a franchise model that integrates Solaristique (Waste pickers) into the digital platform that enables homes, institutions, and communities to start and request wastes disposal /collection services with the click of a button.
Our focus wastes are plastic wastes, freezers /refrigerators wastes, and air conditioner wastes. Click here to download our waste collection App( wastetab)

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We are seeking, funding and partnership from ventures capitalist, government , grants giving organizations , accelerators, environmental organizations, micro finance banks etc. to enable to us scale our solutions quickly. We aim to reach 100,000 farmers, SMES, clinics and households with our solar freezers within 4 years. Make and deliver over 2000 housing units (2 bedrooms and 3 bedroom flats) using our alternative building materials in Nigeria in 3 years. Employ over 1000 wastes pickers in Nigeria in the next 3 years and 10,000 waste pickers in sub-Saharan Africa in next 5 years. Recycle 1 million tons of Plastic wastes, refrigerators, air conditioners and metal wastes in 5 years. Raise and empower 5000 women entrepreneurs based in the rural areas. Who will serve as our product sales agents in Nigeria in 36 months and 10,000 women in sub-Saharan Africa in 5 years.

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One of our dumping sites in Nigeria, we gather all our plastic waste collections


Solaristique Nigeria at the African France summit at montepller France 2021


Solaristique Nigeria at the startup Nigeria program with the Vice President of the nation 2018 capital


We aim to make the greatest possible global impact in addressing the environmental issues associated wastes.


Cold storage

In Sub-Saharan Africa, not only individual homes but also pharmacies, hotels, restaurants, bars, etc. lack access to cold storage. This is due to an unstable power supply that makes cold storage applications very difficult and expensive.On average Nigerians enjoy only 8 hours of electricity supply out of the 24 hours per day (BBC, 2020). This situation has led to a large amount of food and beverage waste and makes it difficult for pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics to maintain critical drugs and samples -resulting in loss of lives, food insecurity, poverty, and extreme hunger As a solution, We recycle old Freezers into solar Freezers with IoT and MIS for SMEs, households, and farmers. Our solar freezers are made for an off-grid application, are 90% cheaper in operating costs, and provide refrigeration services 24/7. The IoT and MIS help to track food losses reduction data from our freezers , these data are quantified and traded in the carbon market using Block chain technology. Thereby enabling the users of freezers to earn secondary income.

Alternative building materials

According to the Central Bank of Nigeria, as of 2019, the Nigerian housing deficit was over 20 million units. The high cost of building materials is considered the major cause of this problem. An average Nigerian has little or no disposable income left after expenses on feeding. This makes it hard for them to embark on any building project. As of 2018, housing ownership in Nigeria was less than 20% (FMBN, 2019). The inability to own and build houses has forced a lot of individuals into living in shanty houses, slums, etc.

Our target market is the Nigerian Housing industry which is estimated to be worth over 59 trillion Naira  ( FMBN, 2014). As a solution we are making affordable, durable alternative raw materials such as roofing sheets, interlocks, bricks, using plastic wastes,mud,  sawdust wastes, and fine sand.

Our products are 60% cheaper, strong, eco-friendly, and climate resilient.

Our mission is to make it possible to own a 2 bedroom bungalow with 3000 Euros.

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