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On an average Nigerians gets 8 hours of electricity supply out of 24 hours daily (BBC, Year 2020)

This situation has led to a large amount of food and beverage waste and makes it difficult for pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics to maintain critical drugs and samples -resulting in loss of lives, food insecurity, poverty, and extreme hunger.

 As a solution, we make a series of affordable off-grid cold storage solutions.

 Solaristique is a recycling company that is focused on making sustainable clean energy and environment-friendly solutions targeted at BoP households, clinics, and farmers in rural and Peri-urban communities to SMEs, Hospitals, Big corporations, and Households in urban areas.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, not only individual homes but also farmers,  pharmacies, hotels, restaurants, bars, (SMEs)etc. lack access to affordable constant cold storage. This is due to an unstable power supply that makes cold storage applications very difficult and expensive. On average Nigerians enjoy only 8 hours of electricity supply out of the 24 hours daily (BBC, 2020).

Solar Freezers

Slow-Defroster Ice Blocks

Chill Tents.

Trio-Cycled-Solar Freezers

What we have achieved so far

Over the years we have impacted the lives of people in various communities but not limited to the listed below.



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Due to unstable power supply businesses struggle to build sustainable business.

Slow-Defroster Ice Blocks

We use our freezers to also make special ice blocks that does not defrost for 4 days. The Ice block is made using special food preservation solution that also helps to keep the food item fresh and preserved. With these ice blocks we want to reach people that cannot be able to afford our solar freezers or the chill boxes or needs temporary cold storage. Ice blocks accounts for 20% of our revenue.

Chill Tents.

Our chill tents are a cubic meter cold storage box that uses “liquid ice” as its coolant. It is specially made for fruits and vegetable farmers and sellers We track food loss/wastes reduction data associated with their usage as well. The chill tents are solar and salt water powered. This product is at its piloting stage and we are currently testing it with 5 Users. Tri-cycled-solar freezers.

Our Solar Freezers

We recycle old freezers and refrigerators into solar-powered coolers/freezers. Our solar cooler/freezers are helping to reduce Nigeria's food losses and wastes; by helping to provide constant cold storage 24/7 in any part of the country. Our unique value proposition is that our Solar freezers are double-chambered, Making it possible to last for days without adequate Sunlight. This makes them ideal for off-grid applications. It also uses a solar Business system that makes it run without battery backup. This makes our products 50% cheaper than other solar freezers.

Tri-Cycled Solar Freezer

Our Tri-Cycled solar freezer called Ayogu named after the father of our founder and CEO. our latest model. It is a detachable tricycle Mobile solar freezer. They are specially made for cooling drinks, dairy products, etc en route to markets, stalls, or homes. Once at the destination the freezer and the solar panel can easily be detached from the tricycle. This prototype model is a 150 Litre capacity and can be scaled up to 1000 liters. It is totally solar-powered and works with little or no battery backup. This product is still at the idea/and prototyping stage and is yet to be fully launched into the market.





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